Put 'er in the basket: Putting in DGBG

Put 'er in the basket: Putting in DGBG

Putting is a critical part of disc golf, and it requires a combination of accuracy, control, and technique. Do you have what it takes to throw the disc with enough speed and accuracy to get it into the basket without overshooting it or hitting the chains too hard and bouncing out?

Whether you prefer the straddle, the staggered, or the spin putt on the course (I'm sure you have other crazy techniques, too), we have standardized the putting experience in the Disc Golf Board Game.


The first area is the Tap-In area. If your disc has come to rest on the basket hex, or on any of the adjacent hexagons, you are not missing that putt. There is no risk; just drop it in and record a stroke.

Circle 1, also known as the "putting circle," is a 10-meter (32.8 feet) radius circle around the basket. When a player is within Circle 1, they are generally expected to make the putt and complete the hole. In DGBG, your disc is in Circle 1 when you are 2, 3, or 4 hexagons away from the basket. 

To make your putt in Circle 1, you will need as high of a roll as the number of hexes you are away.

2? Roll a 2 or better. 

3? Roll a 3 or better.

4? Roll a 4 or better.

Don't forget that you may be able to modify your putting roll with tokens or abilities! You may also be able to modify someone else's roll when playing with Throw'n Into Trouble Cards.

Other factors may make your putt harder such as 

- Putting overtop of/through bushes, rocks, trees, or water

- Putting with a steep change in elevation


Circle 2

Circle 2 is the area outside of Circle 1 but within a 20-meter (65.6 feet) radius from the basket. Putts made from Circle 2 are more challenging and typically require more power and accuracy.

Circle 2 has strict conditions in DGBG. If you are 5-6 hexes from the basket, draw your own 9 space flight path with 1 change in direction at any point. This flight path must be unobstructed up until you reach the basket; otherwise you may not opt to make a Circle 2 putt.

If your C2 putt meets those requirements, we take that extra challenge and extra power needed into account with an extra dice and more strict conditions.

You'll roll 2 6-sided dice, and here's what the outcome may be:

2-4: You duffed it! Go that many hexes. 

5-6: Off the Basket! Ricochet!

7-8: SCORE!

9-10: Off the banner! Ricochet!

11-12: Disc travels the full 9 spaces


Frequently Asked Questions About Putting in DGBG


Can somebody else modify my putting roll? 

Not unless they have a card that says they can! Even then, they cannot modify your roll to be less than the minimum/more than the maximum that could rolled naturally. 

Can I modify my roll after I've rolled? 

Yes! You can decide to use roll modifiers that use +/- values after you have seen the result of your roll. However, tokens that decide the outcome of a roll must be played before rolling.

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