Meet the Creator

Hi! I'm Callum Mathers. I'm a pandemic disc golfer that was inspired when my roommate and I took off to tour our province playing as much disc golf as we could.

Creating this game has been such a privilege. It has gone through many variations, with lots of feedback from the community; and as a result, has exceeded all expectations from where it started.

Now, with the largest disc manufacturers and retailers voicing their willingness to support the project, I know it's time to bring it to the masses. I have several irons in the fire as far as manufacturers go, but 1 thing is certain; you are going to get a game that sets a new standard for disc golfers. Your ability to play alt layouts, create your own holes, and make strategic shot decisions, your talents on the course will directly translate into your success in this game. 

We've leveled the playing field in the sense that all players are created equally with: 

  • Reasonable putting competency, with cards that can offer you spectacular circle 2 putts and chaining in from afar as well.
  • A large shot selection bank with varying distances, stabilities, and ahnyzer/flat/hyzer lines,which can be flipped between backhand and forehand. With the right conditions, you may even find your rollers/tomahawk/thumber lines.
  • The blue shell mechanic is realistic; you're first up on a hole? You don't get a wind read before throwing for your first shot. 

Now let's set you apart with your skills and a bit of luck.

  • Discs follow rules in terms of their height during their flight path and when they account for wind adjustments. Can you use that knowledge to your advantage to slow down your shots and to carve your way through the trees?
  • When putting, the further you are from the basket, the less your chances are of getting it in. Do you have the cards to up your putting chances? Or did you need to use that card earlier on to scramble into the circle? Or are you play slow and methodically, waiting to steal a valuable card from your reckless opponent?
  • When jump putting, have you considered all of the possible consequences of missing your shot? 
  • Maybe your driver is overpowered for the situation, but you know to use the nature around you to (probably) drop you/ricochet you to exactly where you need to be...
  • Once you know what the wind is up to, can you visualise a shot combination that uses the wind to you advantage? You'll find the same holes provide vastly different challenges and open lines based on the wind.

I am beyond excited for you to play this game; recreate your favourite holes from your favourite courses; and live/breath disc golf when your off the course with your friends. 

This is the perfect thing to bring with you to a tournament, especially when your bodies need a chance to sit down/recuperate. This game can be a quiet, fun night in; but with the beverage rules included, it can get rowdy, too ;)


All the best,

Callum Mathers

PDGA #185123

Vancouver, Canada