Promoters Needed!

Promotion Proposal for Influencers in the Disc Golf Industry


High - Visibility

Frequent touring for disc golf tournaments with lots of networking opportunities, whether you participate in the tournaments or not.

Social Media Presence

Established online presence using a major social media platform or website. Can prove high levels of engagement on content and posts.


I seek influencers in the disc golf industry for the promotion of the board game DGBG: Throw’n Into Trouble. I intend to bring this disc golf product to market via a Kickstarter campaign. I need a team of marketing partners to distribute content provided to them via social media, in person, or whichever means best suit them. Interested parties should contact me at


Promoters will be entitled to 10% of sales generated (not including shipping) for the following Kickstarter rewards:

-Single copy of the board game

-Single copy of the board game + single copy of expansion

-Two copies of the board game

-Two copies of the board game + two expansions


  1. Contact me at with your 
  1. First and Last Name
  2. Telephone Number
  3. E-transfer email address
  4. A short description of your role/position in the disc golf industry
  5. Links to your website or social media channel that demonstrate your online presence.
  1. I may reach out to you with further questions. I will confirm with you via email that you are added to the promoter list.
  2. ***Once the campaign goes live *** I will issue you:
  1. A unique Kickstarter Referral URL that will give your audience a discount as well as track sales made using your referral link
  2. Videos, images, and writeups that you can use to email, post to Facebook, and more.

The ETA for launching the Kickstarter campaign is Fall 2022.

  1. After Kickstarter pays out for a successful campaign, I will transfer you your portion of funds within 10 business days.


There is always a chance that a Kickstarter does not reach its funding goal. That’s why it is *crucial* to have your help during that short period of time when the Kickstarter campaign is live! If the goal is not reached, all money will be returned to the backers, and nobody will be paid. 

I am mitigating that risk further by running paid ads, being interviewed by disc golf podcasts, and am working on wholesale deals with retailers ahead of time that will be paid through the kickstarter campaign as well. 

If that sounds good, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Callum Mathers

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