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CHAINS - Preorder

CHAINS - Preorder

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Carve your way through the forest to smash chains in this true-to-sport disc golf board game.

Choose your teepad; line up your throw; and follow your disc as it travels up the flight path! There are over 250 different throw types at your disposal to navigates trees, bushes, high grass, rocks, water, and more! Create custom maps; play as few or as many holes as you'd like for flexible gameplay time; and enjoy the standard rules with your family, or beverage rules and skins matches with your friends.

This game features a robust disc flight physics engine that accounts for height, obstacle interaction, wind adjustments, ricochets, and more.

You'll have to account for Course Wind and changing course conditions as you compete for the lowest score across. May the best player win!

This item is set to be produced and delivered for approximately March 2024.

 Please note that shipping costs have not yet been determined and are not included in this price; once the game has been manufactured, we will send out a separate invoice for shipping.

Please Note: This game is in the manufacturing process. Presales funds are being put towards the game's production. As such, presales are non refundable.

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